Getting Started

  • Start from the contact email on the web site, or contact form, or phone number
=> note: some conferences are organized by professional event companies (e.g. NYCC), while others are organized by volunteers, so don't be surprised if it takes a few days for them to respond
=> if you don't hear back, contact them again - no need to be discouraged
  • ask if they offer fan tables, or just tables - and whether they charge for it
  • for larger cons (e.g. WonderCon), you'll need to request the free fan table 9-10 months in advance to secure the table
  • smaller cons are more flexible and may be able to accommodate fan tables at the last minute if needed (not recommended though :)
  • if the table is not free, you can expect the price of the table to be around $20-$200 - and everything is negotiable
  • once you decide to sign up for the table, they typically ask you to fill out a simple form and indicate who will be the main contact for the convention organizers

What to do once you secure the fan table

Do a couple of things right away:

  1. do a post somewhere (e.g. Seeker Convention Circuit on the forum, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to let other fans know about it
  2. email , so we can spread the word and help you find volunteers (assuming you need volunteers to help man the table), send you flyers and giveaways, and help you fund the table.
  • find out asap the days and hours the table needs to be manned so you can post the staffing schedule on a wiki, or google docs for fans to sign up
  • ask the organizers if the table is draped. It almost always is, but it's better to double check
  • very nice to do when coordinating many volunteers: a Skype session or conference call to give volunteers a chance to ask questions, and for the fan table organizer to set expectations. is great for hosting a conference call with multiple people at no charge

All of these articles have saved me a lot of headcahes. All of these articles have saved me a lot of headcahes.

After the convention

=> Take the time to send a 'thank you' card or email to the con organizer you worked with, and the volunteers


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Additional Resources

The Seeker Cast podcast: Organizing Seeker Fan Activities at Conventions

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